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NLM Announces New Look for NIHSeniorHealth

NIHSeniorHealth Topic Page Screenshot Showing New Design

In March, the National Library of Medicine and the National Institute on Aging (NIA) released a redesigned version NIHSeniorHealth, the National Institutes of Health consumer health Web site for older adults, launched in 2002. The redesign improves usability and modernizes the appearance throughout the site. Changes incorporate user feedback about the site as well as results from usability testing of proposed designs with seniors.

NIHSeniorHealth's new site-wide banner features easy access from every page to more than 50 Health Topics and 150 videos. There is also a new search feature that allows you quick access to health topics, videos, and other senior-related health content.

NIHSeniorHealth topics have been completely redesigned with today's senior in mind. The pages are now longer, and the content is organized with topic-related subheadings throughout the page. While making these changes, NIHSeniorHealth remains committed to being a senior-friendly site with features such as the ability to enlarge text and change contrast.

We encourage you to explore these recent improvements to NIHSeniorHealth and we welcome your feedback via the "Contact Us" link at the top of each page.