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ChemIDplus -- New look, new search features, more data

ChemIDplus, the National Library of Medicine's dictionary of more than 360,000 chemicals, has a new look and new search features (//

Every day more than 3,000 toxicologists, scientists, researchers and pharmacologists use ChemIDplus to investigate chemicals that affect biological functions in humans and animals. ChemIDplus gives detailed information on every chemical discussed in MEDLINE/PubMed medical journals.

In a recent survey, users requested more chemical property information. In response, many CHEMIDplus records now provide boiling point, melting point, solubility, molecular weight, and other data. In addition, ChemIDplus users can now search for chemicals by their range of effects, by toxicity, and by the organs/body systems they may act on (such as nervous system, skin, heart, kidneys and liver). ChemIDplus also helps users draw a chemical structure, and search for other chemicals with similar structures. Details about the recently added data and guidance for searching it are provided ( //

Questions about ChemIDplus can be sent to NLM's Specialized Information Services Division