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New Edition of NLM Collection Development Manual Now Available

The National Library of Medicine announces the availability of the fourth edition of The Collection Development Manual of the National Library of Medicine (CDM).

The new Manual, which is available on the Library's web site beginning Oct. 1, 2004, was recently approved by the NLM Board of Regents.

The revised Manual reflects the complex and changing environment of health care and biomedical research. Sections on bioinformatics, molecular biology, plant science, toxicology, and biological sciences describe an increased emphasis on fundamental biological research in fields of biomedicine. New or revised statements on health services research, bioethics, public health, disaster management, biotechnology, medical humanities, biophysics, bioengineering, biomedical imaging, and neuroscience reflect increasingly interdisciplinary and collaborative areas of research and practice in health. The CDM also elaborates on the Library's collecting policy for many print and nonprint formats and literature types, such as journals, electronic resources, audiovisuals, digital images, and datasets.

Other highlights include information about the Library's historical collections, and an updating policy to ensure that the CDM remains current until the next major revision.

The CDM is available in both html and printable .pdf versions and features several navigational aids, including a document-specific search engine.

The revision was a collaborative effort, created with the advice and assistance of numerous librarians, physicians, scientists, and subject experts from NLM and the wider research community. An external Oversight Committee, appointed by NLM Director Donald A.B. Lindberg and chaired by Alison Bunting, provided expert advice. NLM staff who produced and edited the CDM included Becky Lyon, Duane Arenales, Judith C. Eannarino, Sheldon Kotzin, and Kate Majewski. Debra Selby provided technical support.

The URL for the CDM is: //

Questions or comments about the CDM may be referred to NLM Customer Service