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NLM Value Set Authority Center Publishes Annual Update for 2014 Eligible Professional Clinical Quality Measure Value Sets

The National Library of Medicine (NLM) Value Set Authority Center (VSAC), in collaboration with the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) and Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), has published the annual update for the 2014 Eligible Professional Clinical Quality Measure (CQM) Value Sets. The update includes revised value sets to address deleted and remapped codes in the latest terminology versions, as well as new codes for addressing CQM logic corrections and clarifications.

The value sets provide lists of the numerical values and individual names from standard vocabularies used to define the clinical concepts (e.g., diabetes, clinical visit) used in the CQMs.   The content of the VSAC will gradually expand to incorporate value sets for other use cases, as well as for new measures and updates to existing measures.

The VSAC offers a Downloadable Resource Table (DRT), accessible from the Download tab on the VSAC Web page, that provides prepackaged downloads for the most recently updated and released 2014 CQM Value Sets, previously released versions of CQM Value Sets, a table of currently used legacy codes, and catalogs of changes between CQM Value Set releases.  Access to the Value Set Authority Center requires a free Unified Medical Language System® Metathesaurus License.  NLM also provides the Data Element Catalog that identifies data element names (value set names) required for capture in Electronic Health Record (EHR) technology certified under the 2014 Edition of the ONC Standards and Certification Criteria.

The NLM update of the VSAC coincides with the CMS posting of the official updated 2014 Eligible Professional CQMs. 

2014 Clinical Quality Measure Resources

The following resources are available to help health care providers and vendors navigate the 2014 CQMs

Questions? Please contact NLM Value Set Authority Center Help.

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