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"Against the Odds" Traveling Exhibition Wins Blue Ribbon

The National Library of Medicine's traveling exhibition, "Against the Odds: Making a Difference in Global Health" earned a best exhibit blue ribbon at the American Public Health Association (APHA) 2008 meeting.

The traveling exhibition was one of 550 booths participating in the meeting's public health expo, which is billed as the largest and most comprehensive expo providing information, products and services for public health professionals. The APHA exhibitor advisory council judged the booths and awarded more than a dozen ribbons based on creativity, originality, color, design, and use of space.

In April 2008, the National Library of Medicine opened a 4000-square foot exhibition "Against the Odds: Making a Difference in Global Health," which tells the stories of people and programs around the world that have made a difference in public health. The onsite exhibition is open to the public free of charge and can be seen at the library in Bethesda, MD into 2010.

The traveling version of "Against the Odds," which debuted at APHA, consists of a series of six-foot-tall banners that highlight stories of individuals and communities making a difference in global health. The traveling exhibition is available for loan to schools of public health, libraries, universities, and community organizations.

Schools of public health that would like to host the traveling exhibition can contact the Association of Schools of Public Health. The Association is coordinating the tour of the exhibit to schools of public health with support from Partners in Information Access for the Public Health Work Force.

The National Library of Medicine is coordinating loan of the traveling exhibition to all other interested universities, libraries, and community organizations. For more information on "Against the Odds" and other NLM traveling exhibitions, visit //