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OLDMEDLINE Moves Back in Time

1958 and 1959 Citations Added to Database

OLDMEDLINE, the NLM database containing references to medical literature published before 1966, continues to move back in time. In July 2000, OLDMEDLINE added some 220,582 citations from the 1958-1959 Current List of Medical Literature (CLML).

OLDMEDLINE, available free to searchers on the Web via Internet Grateful Med, was launched in December 1996, with over 307,000 citations originally published in the 1964 and 1965 Cumulated Index Medicus (CIM). Since then, OLDMEDLINE has been expanded to include citations that extend the database's reach further into the past. Plans are underway to add citations from 1955-1957 in 2001.

MEDLINE, NLM's popular database containing more than 11 million journal references from around the world, includes medical literature indexed from 1966 forward.