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NLM Sponsors Outreach Symposium

On December 2-3, 2004, the National Library of Medicine is presenting "Symposium on Community-Based Health Information Outreach" to explore new models of health information outreach. Those interested are invited to view the Symposium live via the Internet. The program and instructions for connecting to the broadcast are on the Symposium website at

The goal of the symposium is to explore new models of health information outreach that are emerging as technology dramatically changes the abilities of medical and health services libraries to provide resources and services beyond their traditional institutional boundaries. Particular emphasis will be given to consumer health information outreach through community-based organizations. The National Library of Medicine's Strategic Plan to Reduce Health Disparities will be reviewed with special emphasis on NLM's programs targeting Native Americans. The knowledge and insights gained in the Symposium will also inform the RFP for the next National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NN/LM) contract.

The proceedings of the Symposium will be published in a special supplement to the Journal of the Medical Library Association.