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Call for Nominations of Candidates for SNOMED CT Committees - DUE June 12, 2007

As the US Member of the International Health Terminology Standards Development Organisation (IHTSDO), the National Library of Medicine is soliciting nominations for candidates for positions on four standing IHTSDO Committees - Content, Technology, Quality Assurance, and Research & Innovation - that will play an important role in ongoing development of the SNOMED CT clinical terminology.

The Committees are described in Sections 9.4-9.9 of the Articles of the IHTSDO ( There will be 12 people on each Committee, per decision of the IHTSDO Management Board. As an IHTSDO Member, NLM may nominate 2 people for each Committee. There are 9 current IHTSDO members so there will be a maximum of 18 nominees for each Committee. The IHTSDO General Assembly will elect 12 people from among those nominated for a particular Committee.

Election to Committees will be one of several ways of participating in the ongoing development of SNOMED CT. Based on discussions in recent transition meetings, the IHTSDO Articles (specifically Sections 9.4.8-9.4.9) are being amended to allow open participation in Working Groups. There will also be an Affiliates Forum open to everyone with a SNOMED CT license. (Any current UMLS licensee will be eligible to participate.) In addition, specific experts may be asked to participate on Harmonization Bodies formed to define the relationship of SNOMED CT to other standards, on Ad Hoc committees, or special project teams. Details about these mechanisms will be forthcoming over the next 6 months.

The transfer of ownership of SNOMED CT provides exciting new opportunities for effective international collaboration to improve and align the content of this important standard terminology with other key health information technology standards. The IHTSDO Committees will be important in taking advantage of these opportunities. NLM seeks nominations of strong candidates who represent a broad range of those with a stake in interoperability standards, e.g., health care delivery, public health, government, private industry. Submit nominations via email to by midnight on Tuesday, June 12, 2007. Include a brief biosketch and a description of the specific qualifications of the nominee for one or more Committees.

NLM will select two nominees for each Committee in consultation with the Chair, Healthcare Information Technology Standards Board, the Chair, National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics, and the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology.