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NLM Lends Posters to United Nations Exhibition on Malaria

Commemorates World Malaria Day, April 25

The National Library of Medicine (NLM) is proud to be a part of a major United Nations exhibition, "Malaria: Blood, Sweat and Tears." Organized by the Malaria Consortium and curated by Adam Nadel, the exhibition runs through April 26, 2010. World Malaria Day is April 25.

NLM contributed six malaria posters, from countries as diverse as China and Qatar. Other items in the exhibition include a graphic novel about contracting malaria, a timeline showing the spread of malaria, and portraits of and testimonies by those who have suffered from malaria.

You may visit the exhibit at the United Nations Secretariat Building Gallery. Go the Visitors' Entrance on 1st Avenue, between 45th and 46th Streets. The gallery is in the Visitor Lobby. The show is on view seven days week, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM weekdays and 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM weekends.

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Two posters from "Malaria: Blood, Sweat and Tears" appear below. Both are from the Prints & Photographs Collection of the National Library of Medicine. For high-quality versions, please contact the NLM Office of Communications and Public Liaison, 301.496.6308,



Poster 1: Malaria

This undated color poster, printed in the US, shows a huge orange mosquito standing over the body of a man.  His menacing proboscis pins the man to the ground. "MALARIAKnocks you flat," the text cautions. To stay healthy, "KEEP COVERED" and "USE YOUR REPELLENT."

Poster 2: Malaria

This poster comes from China and was printed in the 20th century. The information and/or the original poster are from the Public Health Bulletin, Nanking. The poster is black with a narrow red border and bears the word "malaria" in English at the bottom. It features a poster within the poster-an illustration of a skeleton riding on a mosquito, with a caption in large Chinese characters at the top. It translates as, "Prevention means killing the mosquito; frightening diseased mosquito carries hell to planet earth and spreads epidemic disease." The illustration has a beige inner border and a thin gray border, setting it off from the black background of the main poster. The eerie skeleton and mosquito are flying over a field, with a building representing Chinese architecture in the background.