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Health Economics Information Resources: A Self-Study Course

Module 1, Part 2: Key Information Sources

Databases - Value-added information

The NHS Economic Evaluation Database (NHS EED)

  • produced by
    • NHS Centre for Reviews & Dissemination, University of York, UK
  • available via:
  • features:
    • full critical appraisal of economic evaluation studies by health economists
    • detailed structured abstract
    • other types of health economic analysis with bibliographic details
    • MeSH indexing*

*see also Module 3: MeSH

The Health Economic Evaluations Database (HEED)

  • acquired by
    • John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. on November 1, 2006 from the Office of Health Economics, UK & International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Associations (OHE-IFPMA).
  • available through Wiley InterScience
  • features:
    • reviewed by health economists
    • structured format providing:
      • bibliographic details
      • study definitions
      • analysis and results
      • keywords
  • not included:
    • full critical appraisal
    • controlled vocabulary indexing

The CEA Registry (formerly known as the Harvard CUA Database)

  • produced by
    • Harvard Center for Risk Analysis
  • available at this site
  • features:
    • reference list of studies that have used costs per quality-adjusted life year (QALY) to measure health benefits 1976 - 1997
    • Comprehensive League table of Cost-QALY Ratios
    • League table of cost-QALY ratios which adhere to the Washington Panel*
    • Catalog of Preference Scores used for QALYs
    • checklist used to appraise CUA studies

* see also Module 3: Economic Evaluation Guidelines

Value-added information sources - secondary journals

  • Evidence-based Healthcare
    • reviewed articles from 70+ journals from the field of the financing, organization and management of health care
    • provides structured abstracts
    • gives expert commentary
    • ceased publication in 2007
  • ACP Journal Club
    • ACP Journal Club contains reviews of articles from clinical and other health care journals including studies of the economics of health care programs or interventions
    • provides structured abstracts, and
    • includes expert commentary


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Last Reviewed: November 21, 2019