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National Information Center on Health Services Research and Health Care Technology (NICHSR)

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Dan Melnick Research Inc. prepared this course for the National Library of Medicine. It is a revision of a course first prepared for presentation at the Medical Library Association meeting in 2000. The new course updates material, adds several new features and provides a full web based learning experience.

The course was prepared for NLM’s National Information Center on Health Services Research and Health Care Technology (NICHSR) under the direction of Catherine Selden.

We would also like to thank staff of federal statistical agencies who provided useful information and help during many years of productive association.

Dan Melnick
Dan Melnick is President of Dan Melnick Research Inc. Dr. Melnick is has participated in the DHHS Data Council’s effort to establish virtual integration of health statistics through the establishment of a web-based Gateway to Data and Statistics.   This project [conducted under contract by Moshman Associates] is sponsored by the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation, the Office of Minority Health and the HHS Chief Information Officer.

Dr. Melnick has served as Senior Fellow of the Constella Group, LLC and is currently a consultant to the company.

Dr. Melnick served as a specialist in statistical policy at the Congressional Research Service, Library of Congress, as director of the Science Resources Studies Division NSF, as the acting Director of the Office of Applied studies at SAMHSA. He has written reports on health statistics and authored [with Beatrice Rouse] Portrait of Health in the US [Bernan press]. He was selected as a Fellow of the International Medical Sciences Academy at its 2005 meeting in Jaipur, India.

From 1975 to 1990 while at CRS, he was detailed to the staff of several Congressional committees including the House Census Subcommittee, the Joint Economic Committee, the House committee on Education and Labor and the Senate Governmental Affairs committee.

His past clients have included Committee on National Statistics of the National Academy of Sciences, Department of Health and Human Services, the USDA, and Yale University.

You can learn more about Dan Melnick by visiting his website
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