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National Information Center on Health Services Research and Health Care Technology (NICHSR)

Difficult to standardize
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These records are not primarily collected for statistical purposes, but rather to legitimate critical life events and record them for the benefit of individuals and society. A major social function is to establish the identity of individuals.

Reliant on the efforts of busy care givers who may have other more pressing needs than the accurate recording of statistical data.

Determined by other considerations—such as reimbursements—which may bias the measurements.

How to find the data
The National Center for Health Statistics publishes reports that contain the results compiled from vital statistics data. As well, these reports are found in the scholarly literature.

A key website for this information is the website of the NVSS

Another site where some information can be found is WISQARS a site maintained by CDC’s national center for Injury Prevention and Control

Tables can be generated from a special website maintained by NCHS—Health Data for All Ages
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