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National Information Center on Health Services Research and Health Care Technology (NICHSR)

Searching within a Report
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At other times, the researcher’s question might lead to a search within one of these resources. Before the advent of the Internet, these kinds of searches were extremely difficult, required an in depth knowledge of the sources and usually involved contacting experts at the statistical offices where material originated. Frequently, they were the only ones who could reliably guide users to the place where they could find their answer. Because the demand for their help greatly exceeded their capacity, users often bypassed useful information and settled for the material available in standard publications. This material was sometimes not as pertinent or accurate as available information that was difficult to find.

Internet and Electronic Reports Open New Strategies
The Internet has now made it possible to discover much of this information because it added access points and made it possible to search within sources. Electronic reports that can either be downloaded from the Internet or obtained in other ways also allow for detailed searching that was not previously available.
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