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National Information Center on Health Services Research and Health Care Technology (NICHSR)

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The following list includes references to additional readings that support the material covered in this course. It is not intended to be a comprehensive bibliography. Where available, the list provides links to relevant websites where material can be found.

  • Recommended Reading

    Bailar, J. C. and F. Mosteller (1992). Medical uses of statistics. Boston, Mass., NEJM Books.

    Daniel J. Friedman, Edward L. Hunter, R. Gibson Parrish II. Eds. Health statistics : shaping policy and practice to improve the population’s health Lang, T. A. and M. Secic (2006). How to report statistics in medicine : annotated guidelines for authors, editors, and reviewers. Philadelphia, American College of Physicians.

    Frieda O. Weise, editor Health statistics : an annotated bibliographic guide to information resources. 2nd ed.Lanham, Md. : Medical Library Association and Scarecrow Press, c1997.

  • Examples of Privately created summaries

    Health and healthcare in the United States : county and metro area data. Lanham, MD : Bernan Press, c1999-c2001.2 v. : 1st ed. (1999)-2nd ed. (2000).

    Daniel Melnick, Beatrice Rouse, Eds. Portrait of health in the United States
    1st. ed., 2001. Lanham, MD : Bernan , c2001.

    Detroit, MI : Gale Research Inc., Statistical record of health & medicine serial. Statistical bulletin of the Metropolitan Life Foundation
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