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National Information Center on Health Services Research and Health Care Technology (NICHSR)

NCHS Published Report series
NCHS publishes a series of reports on its work [often called the Rainbow series.] This page discusses these series to illustrate how published reports can be used to find relevant health statistics material.
  • While these reports were designed as printed volumes issues as a series, they have now become available in electronic format on the agency’s website. Thus book publication and web publication have merged.
  • A good first step in finding the NCHS reports is to visit the report series home page located at:

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The NCHS publishes 3 kinds of series:
Series 1 to 6 include information about the NCHS program, reports about the methods its analysts use, International reports and documents that report on the activities of its committees. These material are useful for finding information that describes the studies NCHS does and helping researchers to assess the quality of reported results.

Series 10 to 16 report on the surveys conducted by the NCHS. These series are the principle vehicle for releasing survey specific results.

Series 20 to 24 report on vital statistics including reports based on birth, death, marriage and divorce records and the results of the National Survey on Family growth.

In addition to these series reports, NCHS also publishes Health United States. It summarizes major results from all of its studies. Users can download a copy of the entire report from their website.

NCHS website contains information that supplements the material in the published reports. Starting with these reports, users can search for additional information including additional tables, facilities that allow users to generate their own tables, and data maps.