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National Information Center on Health Services Research and Health Care Technology (NICHSR)

Using the Web Version
Health, US is integrated with the NCHS website in ways that illustrate how the web has become a key publication vehicle for agencies.
  • The full report can be downloaded from the website. This version provides enhanced material that goes beyond the material in the printed version.
    • While library frequently have copies of the printed report, the PDF version has extra features that make it more valuable.
    • If a user opens the electronic version of the report on a computer that is connected to the Internet, spreadsheet versions of the trend tables can be downloaded. [The links for these downloads appear inside the electronic version of the report.]
  • You can also download tables in convenient formats—such as those suitable for use in a spreadsheet.
    • This makes it possible to rearrange the material, selecting the parts that you need and preparing your own graphics.
    • The tables available from the website also contain the latest updates. NCHS revises the web versions as new data is released. This makes the web tables more current than the printed versions.
  • The electronic version of the report is directly linked to the sources of the data used. It has a list of each source that is linked to websites where more information on the topic can be obtained.
  • The methods and sources section also takes researchers to the principal data webpage of the agency that created the data.
  • The Health US website also has the full set of trend tables and the tables used to create the chart books, copies of past reports and their tables, and supporting methodological material.
  • The website also links to several other related web pages and tools that complement Health, United States.

Each of these sites provides key table organized topically and allows users to specify formats and select features of tables to display.

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