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National Information Center on Health Services Research and Health Care Technology (NICHSR)

National Health Care Surveys
The National Center for Health Statistics, conducts nationally representative surveys to collect data on Health Care from various settings. These surveys are designed to collect information about the use of health care, quality of care, safety, and disparities.

The surveys cover a broad spectrum of health care settings.

Parts of the Survey System
The series includes surveys focused on a number of settings and includes:
  • Physicians offices – the National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey
  • Emergency and outpatient hospital departments—the National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey
  • Inpatient Hospital Care—the National Hospital discharge Survey
  • Ambulatory Surgery—the National Survey of Ambulatory Surgery
  • Home and Hospice care providers—the National Home and Hospice Care Surveys and
  • Nursing Homes—the National Nursing Home Survey.