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National Information Center on Health Services Research and Health Care Technology (NICHSR)

CDC’s Data and Statistics Portal
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CDC’s agency produce some of the most important data and statistical series on the health of the US population. Web location for this resource.

Their website features a portal that organizes this material and provides ready access.

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The CDC Data and Statistics portal offers access to CDC created statistics in several formats.

“Top Data and Stats Links”

This part of the portal provides links to the most heavily requested material produced by CDC.
This includes:
  • Statistics produced by the National Center for Health Statistics
  • The CDC Growth Charts that show US height and weight averages by Age.
  • CDC Wonder—the CDC maintained archive of data files
  • Health, United States—the premier summary report on health conditions and care in the United states
  • Health Data for all ages—a website that allows users to create tables and
  • Data for the Healthy People initiative

Data organized by Topic
This section takes users to the part of the CDC website where data and statistics about individual topics are organized. These sub-portals are maintained by individual CDC agencies and reflect their expertise in different content areas.

For example here is the sub-portal created by CDC to track data related to senior citizens:

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These summaries are organized by topic.
  • Each one contains a brief overview of major results and links to sources of detailed information.
  • If you are looking for statistics related to one of the hundreds of topics covered here, this is an excellent starting point but each one does not have the depth of material contained in the subportals.
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