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National Information Center on Health Services Research and Health Care Technology (NICHSR)

Finding Mortality Data
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Mortality data provides information about the causes of death and their circumstances including their immediate and underlying causes.

NCHS and the National Vital Statistics Program
The best source for mortality data is the statistics published by the NCHS from death certificates that are compiled by state health departments. We discussed this data earlier.

NCHS provides access to their analyses in several formats and venues.

A useful summary of these data is found on their website.

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Other Views of Mortality data
While the NCHS Vital statistics program has the responsibility for compiling national mortality data, there are several other sources of related and similar information.
  • For example, CDC’s national Injury Control Center [check title] provides specialized analyses that focus on deaths attributable to injuries. See the next page for a more complete discussion. [hyperlink to WISQARS description on the following page]
  • States also maintain their own websites with vital statistics data for their state. These frequently offer more detailed online tables. We discuss one example below.
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