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National Information Center on Health Services Research and Health Care Technology (NICHSR)

Finding Injury statistics from CDC’s National Center for Injury Prevention and Control
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The National Center for Injury Control and Prevention compiles statistical data on trauma and injuries from vital statistics [deaths] and surveys [non fatal injuries.] They present these data in a format that allows visitors to their website to retrieve the tables and graphs that directly address their questions. While NICPC does not collect data, their transformation allow users to apply existing series to injury related public health analyses.

A critical feature of this work is that it combines data on deaths with data on nonfatal injuries to allow an integrated analysis of the impact of injuries on health.

How to find the major agencies producing health statistics.
  • Start your search for injury statistics at the NCIPC’s data page. This page provides starting points for the key NCIPC resources.
  • NCIPC has relied on the vital statistics reported by NCHS for information about fatalities and combined these data with survey data and hospital data to report on non fatal injuries that result in morbidity.
  • Key parts of their work include
    • Injury focused charts showing the leading causes of injury related deaths and non fatal injuries.
    • WISQARS a table-generating database that allows for the generation of specially crafted tables and statistical displays.

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    • Maps that show the distribution of injuries for the Nation and within states.

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