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National Information Center on Health Services Research and Health Care Technology (NICHSR)

Two Examples of AHRQ Statistical Surveys
The Agency for Healthcare Quality and Research runs several important projects that result in data series.

The Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project "is a family of health care databases and related software tools and products developed through a Federal-State-Industry partnership." these "bring together the data collection efforts of State data organizations, hospital associations, private data organizations, and the Federal government to create a national information resource of patient-level health care data." the data support research on "cost and quality of health services, medical practice patterns, access to health care programs, and outcomes of treatments at the national, State, and local market levels."

HCUPnet is an “on-line query system based on data from the Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project (HCUP). It provides access to health statistics and information on hospital stays at the national, regional, and State level.”

The Medical Expenditure Panel Survey (MEPS) is “a set of large-scale surveys of families and individuals, their medical providers, and employers”. MEPS provides data on the cost and use of health care and health insurance coverage.
Key features include:
  • A household component which is based on a probability sample of the US population supplemented by information collected from providers who serve those households. This integrates information gained from personal interviews with information compiled from medical records.
  • related insurance component which compiles information from the records of insurance companies. This makes it possible to relate conditions, care and costs.
MEPSNET provides the results in an interactive format facilitating easy access.