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National Information Center on Health Services Research and Health Care Technology (NICHSR)

  1. According to the CDC site, what percent of people over age 60 were tested for colon cancer? How many of them had a colonoscopy? How many were tested with the blood occult test?
  2. Compare this result to the results for each of the states.
    • What are the main differences?
    • What additional details are reported on the state sites?
    • How can you explain the differences?
  3. Read the description of the procedures used in the BFRSS.
    • Based on this description, what do you think are the main sources of uncertainty about the national results?
    • Consider:
      • How many states reported the results?
      • What are the differences in the procedures that they used?
      • What method did CDC use to combine the results?
  4. Go to a website that has information about reported results from a variety of sources.
    • Try Pubmed, MMWR, Health US, statistical resources on the web, or the Gateway to Data and Statistics
    • What additional findings can you locate on the topic?
    • How are the results similar?
    • How do they differ?