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National Information Center on Health Services Research and Health Care Technology (NICHSR)

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Finding Your Way
This course is designed to help you learn about how to find health statistics. You can find a detailed description of the material here.

About Links in this Course
This course uses material on Internet sites to illustrate the operation of those sites.  We make every effort to keep this material current, but due to the rapid pace at which the Internet changes, at times you may find a link in the course does not work.  If you discover a broken link, please report it to

The linked material included was reviewed in November, 2007 to be sure it is appropriate and valid. Changes made after then will not be reflected.

Accessibility Features
This site has been designed to provide maximum accessibility in conformance with section 508. All of the graphics included in the site contains text that can be accessed with a mouse over. Please report any problems using the accessibility features of the site to us. []
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