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National Information Center on Health Services Research and Health Care Technology (NICHSR)

Indicators to Benchmark Clinical Diagnoses
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These indicators provide an important source of information for clinicians because they make it possible to assess presenting cases in the context of a pattern of incidence.

Monitoring Care
These indicators provide important benchmarks to assess the effectiveness of care.

Additional Reading
While this course does not teach you statistical methods, it does help you find the underlying methodological information you will need in order to appropriately interpret health statistics.

There are many books that present methods for collecting and using health statistics. Two that provide clearly written presentations guiding the researcher through their advantages and limits are:

Thomas A. Lang and Michelle Secic. How to Report Statistics in Medicine (Lang and Secic 2006)

John C. Bailar III and Frederick Mosteller. Medical Uses of Statistics. NEJM Books. Boston(Bailar and Mosteller 2009)
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