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National Information Center on Health Services Research and Health Care Technology (NICHSR)

Scheduled Government Reports
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Government agencies typically issue regularly scheduled statistical reports. Most reports prepared by federal and state government agencies are
  • Issued in regular series,
  • According to an anticipated schedule of release and
  • Made available on the Internet site of the agency.

These types of publications may not be routinely included in library catalogs as individual publications—but rather are treated as serial publications—limiting the type of cataloging that is routinely compiled.

Other Government Reports
Government agencies also occasionally issue special—topically oriented reports. These might be stand alone publications resulting from special surveys—or they may be issued in a publication like the MMWR—surveillance summary series.

As well, some government surveys [like the National Immunization Survey release a summary of their results as articles in the MMWR.] For an example of this see, //

Scholarly Literature
Health statistics results are also reported in the scholarly literature. Many of these can be accessed through PubMed—produced by the National Library of Medicine.
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