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National Information Center on Health Services Research and Health Care Technology (NICHSR)

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Because relevant statistical material is often scattered in other sources, the best searches combine a variety of approaches to find material in publications and electronic files on the web.
  • To achieve full penetration, searchers need to extend their efforts beyond prepared material.
  • Resources accessible through the web allow health statistics users to mine statistical results dynamically and iteratively engage the material to achieve the best match between existing data and their requirements.
  • Health statistics are found in many settings, authored by different research organizations and the product of diverse goals.
  • Finding the information you want or the data you need frequently requires an integrated approach that taps many sources.

Iterative strategies
Searches are often iterative:
  • One set of results or findings defines the next search that in turn sets up the subsequent searches.
  • This activity is never really “done” but hopefully, users reach a point where the amount of information satisfies their needs.
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