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Board Working Group on Clinical Trials - February 11, 2008



  • Session 1 — Background and Legislative Requirements

    • ClinicalTrials.Gov Background, D. Zarin HTML PPT [1,496KB]
    • Legislative Requirements, J. Sheehan HTML PPT [116KB]
    • NLM Resources for, T. Danielson HTML PPT [42KB]
  • Session 2 — Background and Legislative Requirements

    • NLM Accomplishments and Specific Data Element Issues, D. Zarin HTML PPT [1,110KB]
  • Session 3 — Basic Results Database

    • Activities To-Date, Mockups, and Proposed Data Entry Process, D. Zarin HTML PPT [1,006KB]
    • Storing Results Data, C. McDonald HTML PPT [78KB])
  • Session 4 — Adverse Event Reporting

    • Adverse Event Reporting, D. Zarin HTML PPT [950KB]