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Developing Permanence Levels and the Archives for NLM's Permanent Web Documents

The NLM Permanence Policy for web resources is no longer in effect.

In the Sept/Oct 2014 Technical Bulletin NLM announced a new approach to archiving its institutional websites and the cessation of the Permanence Policy for web resources. Since that time the Web Archive Transition Team (WATT) worked to decouple the manual web archiving and metadata creation workflows.

The WATT also developed new processes for ensuring the stability and permanence of any existing content previously defined as permanent. As of April 2017 all newly created web content will not have permanence ratings and their URLs are not guaranteed to be stable or permanent; they will only be archived in the normal course of NLM's new approach using the Internet Archive's Archive-It web crawling service to capture and preserve periodic snapshots of a wider landscape of NLM Web resources.

For more information about NLM Archive-It web collections see: