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Statements of Work from Awarded Contracts for the NLM Preservation and Collection Management Section

Note: Pages from some appendices are not available online at this time. Copies of these items are available upon request (

  • Audiovisual Duplication (PDF)
  • HHSN276201200008C: Library Binding(MS Word, PDF)
  • HHSN276200900759P: Binding Preparation (MS Word)
  • HHSN276200800559P: Offsite Film and Tape Storage (MS Word)
  • HHSN276200900850P: Microfilm Duplication (MS Word)
  • 467-MZ-501757: Serials Inventory: For a copy of this title, please contact
  • HHSN276200900015C: Shelving of General and Reference Collections (MS Word)