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The National Library of Medicine has a very successful history of long range planning dating back to 1985, when the NLM Board of Regents undertook to develop a 20-year Plan to guide the Library in using its human, physical, and financial resources to fulfill its mission. Supplemental reports in the years following addressed specific topical areas, such as outreach to underserved health professionals and electronic imaging, that required a fresh look due to dramatic changes in the social and technological landscape in which the NLM operates. The Library’s planning efforts have led to major new programs — such as the National Center for Biotechnology Information, Outreach, and the Visible Human. They have guided the Library in resource allocation and program direction. Of course, the Board recognizes that as time passes, the Library must maintain the flexibility to take advantage of new opportunities and changing circumstances. As with any strategic plan, it is sensible to allow for mid-course corrections as events unfold.

The Board wholeheartedly endorses this new ten year Long Range Plan and is grateful to the Planning Panels for formulating the ideas contained herein and to the Director and the staff of NLM for preparing it.

Signature of William Stead
William Stead, M.D.
Professor of Medicine and Biomedical Informatics
Director of the Informatics Center
Associate Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs
Vanderbilt University
Chair, NLM Board of Regents, 2004-5

Signature of Thomas Detre
Thomas Detre, M.D.
Distinguished Service Professor of the Health Sciences
University of Pittsburgh
Chair, NLM Board of Regents, 2005-6

Signature of Holly Buchanan
Holly Buchanan, Ed.D.
Associate Vice President of Knowledge Management and IT
Health Sciences Library and Informatics Center
The University of New Mexico
Chair, NLM Board of Regents, 2006-7