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Patient Health Records and Personal Knowledge Bases

Patient health records will have evolved into multimedia Personal Health Knowledge Bases including individual preferences and directives, genetic make-up, best practices applicable to the individual, self tracking, and a record of care delivered and received. And the patient will always have a complete copy of his or her medical record. All of this information will be in a form permitting understanding by the individual and execution by computer programs. These Personal Health Knowledge Bases will integrate dynamically or interact with care provider systems – and selected data from them will feed public health and clinical research systems. As the knowledge of biology and health evolves in ways useful to the individual, the Personal Health Knowledge Base will link automatically to pertinent new information.

Strategic Visions Working Group Meeting Strategic Visions Working Group Meeting

By 2025, every patient will be a potential Visible Man or Woman, with imaging data that can be viewed interactively. As the Visible Human project begins to incorporate physiology, biochemistry, and other necessary components of life, scientists and healthcare practitioners will be able to see proteins unfolding, DNA in operation, the nanoscale activities that are at the very heart of life. The life processes that will become visible will be based on the data collected in one’s own electronic health record. This record will include one’s personal genome. The Visible Human could become not only a general teaching and research tool, but a personal instructional and diagnostic tool. This system will operate in both real time and be capable of speeding up and slowing down the time sequences compared to reality.