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 August 6, 2001 [posted]
 More Monographic Citations Migrated to LocatorPlus

Drop cap graphic of the letter A s part of the continuing effort to convert monographic citations, NLM completed two additional projects. (See the article Migration of Monographic Citations to LocatorPlus. NLM Tech Bull. 2000 May-June; (314):e4.) NLM moved 109,116 POPLINE monographic citations created by the Population Information Program (PIP) at Johns Hopkins University to LocatorPlus in December 2000. LocatorPlus is the NLM's Web-based Online Public Access Catalog. No new monographic citations will be added to LocatorPlus by the Population Information Program. Please see the article, Johns Hopkins University Center for Communication Programs and NLM Cease POPLINE Agreement. NLM Tech Bull. 2001 Jul-Aug; (321):e5, for more information.

Online searchers already familiar with LocatorPlus will not detect any differences in searching by keyword, author, title, or MeSH (Medical Subject Headings) and are referred to the LocatorPlus tutorials and training aids. The monographic or monographic chapter citations created by the Population Information Program do not have NLM call numbers because, in most cases, NLM does not own the items. For these records, on the Holdings Tab, the Location label appears as "Not at NLM" and the Call Number reads "Not held at NLM."


Date unique records added to LocatorPlus: December 2000

Producer: Population Information Program at Johns Hopkins University

Records converted: 109,116

Of Special Note:

  • Holdings Tab Display

    • POPLINE monographic records added to LocatorPlus contain a field that displays in the Holdings Tab as Other ID Numbers: (DNLM)PIP:nnnnnnnn (where nnnnnnnn carries the 8-digit Unique Identifier originally assigned to the record when it resided in NLM's mainframe environment). This information also displays in the MARC 035 field in the MARC View Tab.

  • MARC View Tab Display

    • Tag 035 contains the record domain. To search, go to the Advanced Menu, select Record Number from the Search In: pull-down and enter the word PIP.

    • Tag 998 indicates record status:
           PIPREL = completed record

    • Tag 999 indicates record domain: PIP = associated with and successor to the predecessor mainframe file POPLINE. To search, select Keyword Anywhere and enter the word PIP.


Additionally, approximately 22,000 citations to monographic chapters were removed from MEDLINE/PubMed during the week of April 2, 2001 (Technical Notes. NLM Tech Bull. 2001 Mar-Apr; (319):e1). These citations were converted and moved to LocatorPlus on the weekend of June 9. Searchers are able to access these citations via the Gateway or directly through LocatorPlus.

Date unique records added to LocatorPlus: June 9, 2001

Producer: Index Section, Bibliographic Services Division, Library Operations, NLM

Records converted: about 22,000 monographic chapter citations from the 1976-1981 time period.

Of Special Note: None.

  • MARC View Tab Display

    • Tag 035 - IDM

    • Tag 998 - IDMREL

    • Tag 999 - IDM


These two projects complete the conversion of the unique monographic citations to LocatorPlus. Now NLM can devote its attention to identifying LocatorPlus records that are shared between 2 or more data producers, e.g., a record of interest to both NLM and the other data producers. These records will be enhanced with producer-specific information and an indication of the producers sharing the record will be available in the MARC View Display Tab in NLM locally-defined Tag 998. Completed records catalogued by NLM are identified by the value "AUTH" meaning "Authorized" in Tags 999 and 995.

By Susan Von Braunsberg
MEDLARS Management Section
Sara Tybaert
MEDLARS Management Section

black line separating article from citation information

Von Braunsberg S, Tybaert S. More Monographic Citations Migrated to LocatorPlus. NLM Tech Bull. 2001 Jul-Aug;(321):e4.


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