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 August 26, 2003 [posted]
September 11, 2003 [updated]
 New Features Coming to Journals Database

drop cap letter for t wo new features will be added to the Entrez Journals database that will make it easier to conduct journal searches. [Editor's Note: This feature was added to PubMed on September 8, 2003.] Users will soon have the option to send their retrieved journal titles to a Search Box using the "Send to" Search Box option or directly to PubMed®'s Single Citation Matcher using the "Links" pull-down menu.

"Send to" Search Box
Users have been able to run a PubMed search for one journal title using the Links pull-down menu available in the Journals Database. The "Send to" Search Box feature will allow you to build a PubMed query that may include several journal titles ORed together. To add additional journal titles to the strategy, continue searching the Journals database and add titles using the "Send to" Search Box feature (see Figure 1). When finished building a search, click on the button, Search PubMed. This multiple journal search will, like all PubMed searches, become part of your PubMed History. You can then combine that History number with additional terms or other History search numbers in more elaborate and customized queries. This feature will facilitate the task of limiting searches to a specific group of journals.

  Figure 1: Building a search of journal titles

Single Citation Matcher
PubMed searchers asked for a way to ensure that they use the correct format for journal titles in the Single Citation Matcher. We have, therefore, added a new link, "Single Citation Matcher," on the Links pull-down menu (see Figure 2) in the Journals database. If you select this link for a journal retrieved in the Journals database, the title will be placed in the Journal box of the Single Citation Matcher (see Figure 3).

  Figure 2: Send a title to the Single Citation Matcher

  Figure 3: Single citation Matcher with title sent from Journals database

Norma Ruiz
MEDLARS Management Section

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Ruiz N. New Features Coming to Journals Database. NLM Tech Bull. 2003 Jul-Aug;(333):e8.


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