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2008 JULY–AUGUST No. 363
July 30, 2008 [posted]

ToxMystery: New Homepage in Spanish

[Editor's Note: This Technical Note is a reprint of an announcement published on NLM-Tox-Enviro-Health-L, an e-mail announcement list available from the NLM Division of Specialized Information Services. To subscribe to this list, please see the NLM-TOX-ENVIRO-HEALTH-L Join, Leave, or Change Options page.]

graphical image of the letter T

T ToxMystery, the National Library of Medicine® interactive learning site for kids, now has a homepage in Spanish.

The new homepage allows users to start the game in Spanish, with Toxie the Cat helping them to explore the site's "house of hazards." Gamers can move between Spanish and English by selecting the language tab in the upper right of the page.

An illustrated glossary of the words used in ToxMystery has also been added to the Teacher's Resource page. The glossary is available in Spanish from the "Para maestros" section. The glossary can also be found at // (Spanish) and // (English).

[Editor's note: For additional information about the Spanish ToxMystery Web site see Toxie the Cat Can Now Speak Spanish/ Toxie the Cat Ahora Habla Español.]

ToxMystery: New Homepage in Spanish. NLM Tech Bull. 2008 Jul-Aug; (363):e9.

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