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NLM Technical Bulletin

NLM Technical Bulletin 1999 May-Jun; 308

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Technical Notes - e1

Converting SDI searches to PubMed - e2

HealthSTAR Unique Journal Citations Migrate to PubMed - e3

Internet Grateful Med Update - e4

dotMLA 1999 - e5

BIOETHICSLINE Regenerated and New Bioethics Thesaurus Published - e6

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NLM Online Users' Meetings - MLA 1999

MEDLARS Questions and Answers
DOCLINE Users' Meeting - Remarks
dotDOCLINE Questions and Answers

DOCLINE Users' Meeting: Questions and Answers

Question: Where can I obtain written information on the current DOCLINE system being Y2K compliant?

Answer: This information is available in the document, Year 2000 - Y2K Compliancy at NLM, on NLM's Web site. [Editor's Note: This link has been removed because it is no longer valid.]

Question: How are library groups established?

Answer: Library groups will be used to authorize SERHOLD Coordinators to update holdings for specific groups of libraries as well as allowing DOCLINE participants the ability to limit searches in SERHOLD by library groups.

Library groups consist of 11 or more related libraries that cannot be identified in any other way (e.g., All DOCLINE libraries in Maryland would not be considered a library group since a search can be limited by state).

Library groups are established by NLM in consultation with the Regional Medical Libraries (RMLs). The RMLs review and approve changes and additions to library groups. These changes are then submitted to NLM.

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