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NLM Technical Bulletin

NLM Technical Bulletin. 1999 May-June; 308

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Technical Notes - e1

Converting SDI searches to PubMed - e2

HealthSTAR Unique Journal Citations Migrate to PubMed - e3

dotInternet Grateful Med Update - e4

MLA 1999 - e5

BIOETHICSLINE Regenerated and New Bioethics Thesaurus Published - e6

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Internet Grateful Med Update

A new version of Internet Grateful Med (IGM version 2.6.3) was released on May 10, 1999. This version includes enhancements, as well as software bug fixes and updates to the IGM documentation. Details are outlined below:

Loansome Doc User ID Valid for Personal Journal List
Searchers may now use a Loansome Doc User ID to build a personal journal list for MEDLINE searching with IGM. For those users who currently have a personal journal list, the change should be transparent. A searcher who has not used their personal journal list for some time and is experiencing problems should contact NLM Customer Service at

New users who wish to register for a personal journal list User ID may register within IGM. Using the MEDLINE database, click on the Specify Journals button, then click on the Personal Journal List button, then click on the "Apply online for a Personal Journal List User ID code and password" link. This User ID account may be modified at a future time for use with Loansome Doc. Users will be required to add an Ordering Library ID to their Loansome Doc User Information. New users who also wish to register for Loansome Doc should register for a User ID at the Loansome Doc Ordering System ( Web site instead and may then use that code for both functions.

Journal List Updated
The journal list for the Specify Journals function has been updated to reflect changes in titles currently indexed for MEDLINE. Please note that up to 15 journals may be specified in a personal journal list.

American Hospital Association (AHA) Subset Journal Citations Available for Order
The AHA subset of unique journal citations is now part of the enhanced MEDLINE on the PubMed retrieval system and the full articles for these citations can be ordered via Loansome Doc when they are retrieved in an IGM MEDLINE search. Users may also order documents from the American Hospital Association (AHA) subset in HealthSTAR and the AHA subset in HISTLINE available via IGM.

TOXLINE Search Screen and Help Updated
The TOXLINE search screen and help documentation has been updated to reflect the new backfile configuration. See the Technical Note ( in the March-April 1999 Technical Bulletin.

New Links - to FAQs and Database Update Information - Now Available
A new link to [This link was removed because it is no longer valid.], FAQs, has been added to the Internet Grateful Med opening screen. Users will find answers to many common questions addressed here, and users should check here and the context sensitive help for immediate assistance. Another addition to the opening screen is a [This link was removed because it is no longer valid.] Database Update Information page with citation counts and other pertinent information for databases accessible through IGM. If the new links are not visible, users should click on the Reload (or Refresh) button on their Web browser.

Saving a Search Strategy in IGM
A new capability has recently been made available in IGM. Users can now construct a URL to save a search strategy that can then be run at intervals in the various databases available in IGM. The instructions for this procedure are available from a link on IGM's front screen titled How to Save a Search Strategy by Constructing an IGM URL [This link was removed because it is no longer valid.]. The instructions contain a specific example of constructing and saving an SDILINE strategy; searchers who run SDI searches may find this capability useful.

--prepared by Sonya Shooshan
MEDLARS Management Section

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