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National Library of Medicine Technical BulletinNational Library of Medicine Technical Bulletin

Table of Contents: 2018 NOVEMBER–DECEMBER No. 425

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Cataloging and Metadata News—2019

Boehr D, Willis S. Cataloging and Metadata News—2019. NLM Tech Bull. 2018 Nov-Dec;(425):e5.

2018 December 04 [posted]

MeSH 2019

The National Library of Medicine (NLM) adopted the 2019 MeSH vocabulary for cataloging on November 19, 2019.

Implications for LocatorPlus and the NLM Catalog

Accordingly, MeSH subject headings in LocatorPlus were changed to reflect the 2019 MeSH vocabulary and appear in that form as of November 19, 2018.

When year-end processing (YEP) activities are completed in late November, the NLM Catalog database and translation tables will be updated to reflect 2019 MeSH. Until then, there will be a hiatus in the addition of new and edited bibliographic records to the NLM Catalog.

Implications for the NLM Classification

The Winter version of the NLM Classification to be published in mid-to-late-January 2019 will encompass changes resulting from new and changed MeSH terms for 2019 as well as additional minor updates to the index. The main index terms will continue to link to 2018 MeSH until the Winter 2019 edition is published in January 2019.

An NLM Classification number appears in many terms in the MeSH Browser and is supplied annually by the NLM Cataloging and Metadata Section (CaMMS) when the MeSH term points to a single classification number in the Classification Index. These class numbers are current as of the Winter 2018 edition of the NLM Classification. They will be updated with the publication of the 2019 Winter edition in January 2019.

MeSH 2019 Changes in NLM Bibliographic Records and Cataloging Policy

Generally, vocabulary changes in NLM bibliographic records for books, serials, and other materials were implemented as they were applied for citations in MEDLINE. For additional information, see MEDLINE Data Changes—2019.

2019 Qualifier (Subheading) Changes

1. Merging of the subheadings /secretion and /metabolism

  • The subheading /secretion was merged with /metabolism.
  • Secretion became an entry term (ET) to /metabolism.
  • The new MeSH heading INSULIN SECRETION was created.
  • A new ET, MILK SECRETION was added to the existing MeSH heading LACTATION.

YEP Maintenance: The subheading /secretion was changed to /metabolism, except for Insulin/secretion which was changed to Insulin Secretion. Milk and Milk, Human had their subheadings changed to /metabolism and also had the main heading Lactation added.

2. Merging of the subheadings /utilization with /statistics & numerical data

YEP Maintenance: All main headings with subheading /utilization had the subheading replaced with /statistics & numerical data.

Cataloging Policy: The new Utilization MeSH headings will be coordinated with specific MeSH concepts using the subheading /statistics & numerical data if appropriate.

3. Deletion of the subheading /manpower

  • The subheading /manpower was deleted, and the new heading WORKFORCE was created.
  • The main heading HEALTH MANPOWER was changed to HEALTH WORKFORCE.

YEP Maintenance: Catalog YEP was slightly different from the MEDLINE updating. /manpower was deleted; one of the workforce main headings were added to bibliographic records as a coordinate using the MeSH trees as a guide: If the main heading trees only under HEALTH PERSONNEL or HEALTH SERVICES, the main heading HEALTH WORKFORCE was added as a coordinate. If the main heading did not tree under HEALTH PERSONNEL or HEALTH SERVICES or if it were multiply treed, the heading WORKFORCE was added as a coordinate.

Publication Type (PT) Additions and Changes

Extensive additions and changes were made to the Publication Types (MARC 655) and corresponding "as Topic" terms (MARC 650) to standardize the vocabulary and improve indexing and cataloging consistency. In general, PT terms were made singular, and "as Topic" terms are plural.

New 2019 Publication Types used by CaMMS and HMD (History of Medicine Division):

New PTs that were formerly Topical MeSH

YEP Maintenance: The former topical MeSH headings were automatically mapped to the new 2019 Publication Type which was the predominance of the records. During post-YEP maintenance, these records will be analyzed to see if the 655 should be flipped to new "As Topic" term.


2018 650 Topical 2019 655 Publication Type 2019 Corresponding 650 "As Topic" Term
Catalogs, Booksellers'Catalog, BooksellerUse Catalogs as Topic
Catalogs, CommercialCatalog, CommercialCatalogs, Commercial as Topic
Catalogs, DrugCatalog, DrugCatalogs, Drug as Topic
Catalogs, Publishers'Catalog, PublisherUse Catalogs as Topic
Catalogs, UnionCatalog, UnionUse Catalogs as Topic
Dictionaries, ChemicalDictionary, ChemicalDictionaries, Chemical as Topic
Dictionaries, Classical as TopicDictionary, ClassicalDictionaries, Classical as Topic
Dictionaries, Dental as TopicDictionary, DentalDictionaries, Dental as Topic
Dictionaries, MedicalDictionary, MedicalDictionaries, Medical as Topic
Dictionaries, Pharmaceutic as TopicDictionary, PharmaceuticDictionaries, Pharmaceutic as Topic
DispensatoriesDispensatoryDispensatories as Topic
Formularies, Dental as TopicFormularies, DentalFormularies, Dental as Topic
Formularies, HospitalFormularies, HospitalFormularies, Hospital as Topic
Formularies, HomeopathicFormulary, Homeopathic Formularies, Homeopathic as Topic
Manuscripts, Medical as TopicManuscript, MedicalManuscripts, Medical as Topic
Pharmacopoeias, HomeopathicPharmacopoeia, HomeopathicPharmacopoeias, Homeopathic as Topic

Modified PTs Used by CaMMS and HMD

YEP Maintenance: The following headings were replaced on bibliographic records:


2018 Publication Type 2019 Publication Type
Academic DissertationsAcademic Dissertation
Account BooksAccount Book
Annual ReportsAnnual Report
Architectural DrawingsArchitectural Drawing
Book ReviewsBook Review
Collected WorksCollected Work
Examination QuestionsExamination Question
Fictional WorksFictional Work
Funeral SermonsFuneral Sermon
HumorWit and Humor
Laboratory ManualsLaboratory Manual
Lecture NotesLecture Note
Legal CasesLegal Case
Nurses' InstructionNurses Instruction
Pictorial WorksPictorial Work
Popular WorksPopular Work
Price ListsPrice List
Public Service AnnouncementsPublic Service Announcement
Resource GuidesResource Guide

Cataloging and HMD Policy for Selected Publication Types

Manuscript, Medical: CaMMS and HMD will not use this PT for the 2019 MeSH year until its usefulness can be evaluated.

Preprint: This PT will be used for preprints of journal articles. It will not be used for manuscript type material prepared in preparation for a conference, address, or lecture.

Systematic Review: During post-YEP record maintenance, the PT will be retrospectively added to appropriate bibliographic records.
Note: The MeSH heading SYSTEMATIC REVIEWS AS TOPIC is also being added retrospectively.

MeSH Descriptors Related to the Name Authority File (NAF)

2019 Descriptors with Annotation: CATALOGER: Use NAF entry
Catalogers should use the appropriate term from the National Authority File (NAF) rather than the MeSH term. Each term has Annotation: CATALOGER: Use NAF entry. For each of the terms below, catalogers should use the National Authority File form of the term in the MARC 610 field and coordinate with the MARC 650 field as shown.

  • Nurses Improving Care for Health System Elders
    • Catalogers should use LCCN n 79054523 in the 610 field of the bib record.
    • Coordinate with 650 X2 International Agencies.

Annotation: CATALOGER: Coordinate specific studies with NAF entry if applicable.

  • Longitudinal Studies: The above annotation was added to this term because of the addition of new specific named entry terms:
    • Bogalusa Heart Study
    • California Teachers Study
    • Framingham Heart Study
    • Jackson Heart Study
    • Tuskegee Syphilis Study

Catalogers may use this MeSH term in the MARC 650 field. In addition, catalogers should search the National Authority File for the correct form of the specific study to be used in the MARC 610 field as a coordinate.

By Diane Boehr and Sharon Willis
Cataloging and Metadata Management Section (CaMMS)

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