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 September 24, 2002 [posted]
 Population-related Citations Added to MEDLINE®/PubMed®

drop cap letter for d uring the next few weeks, the National Library of Medicine is adding approximately 100,000 population-related journal citations unique to the former POPLINE® database to MEDLINE. These citations are searchable in PubMed.

Special Notes About the POPLINE Conversion:
  1. We are unable to add all the unique POPLINE journal citations to MEDLINE because the bibliographic data cannot be verified in all cases.
  2. Serious efforts were made to prevent the introduction of duplicates from POPLINE into MEDLINE, but some slipped through. We understand that duplicate citations cause frustration and confusion for searchers, and we will continue to identify and delete duplicate citations. We are grateful for users who do identify duplicates and bring them to our attention.
  3. Unlike the other ELHILL® database conversion efforts, there is no longer an ongoing special project to add population-related journal citations to MEDLINE. Please see the July-August 2001 NLM Technical Bulletin article Johns Hopkins University Center for Communication Programs and NLM Cease POPLINE Agreement. Of course, population-related information is included from regularly indexed MEDLINE journals.

Please see the May-June 2000 NLM Technical Bulletin article Organization of National Library of Medicine Bibliographic Databases for more information on the reorganization of bibliographic databases. And to understand why older POPLINE citations may appear at the top of your PubMed retrieval, please see the March-April 2002 NLM Technical Bulletin article Why Citations to Older Articles May Display Before More Recent Ones in PubMed.

For these population-related journal citations, there are additional data fields that are not yet searchable in PubMed. We will announce when the additional data fields are searchable. For now, these fields are included in the PubMed XML display format.

Note to PubMed Cubby Users: As they are new to MEDLINE and PubMed, the population-related journal citations may be pulled by a Cubby stored search using terms in this subject area.

black line separting article from citation

Population-related Citations Added to MEDLINE®/PubMed®. NLM Tech Bull. 2002 Sep-Oct;(328):e3.


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