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 October 21, 2004 [posted]
 Happy Birthday Web DOCLINE!

drop cap letter for s aturday, July 17, 2004, marked the fourth birthday of Web DOCLINE. Since its release on July 17, 2000, DOCLINE has successfully processed more than 14.5 million requests by DOCLINE libraries and LoansomeDoc users.

Statistical Highlights
Since July 2000, 11,667,978 DOCLINE requests (not including LoansomeDoc) have been completed. The fill rate since Web DOCLINE was implemented is 91.45%, with more than 10.6 million requests filled:

  • The average number of libraries to which a request routes before it is completed is 1.23.
  • 83% of requests are completed on the first route.
  • 96% of requests are completed after routing to two libraries.
  • 4% of requests routed to more than two libraries.

For requests entered in DOCLINE during the month of June and the first week of July 2004:

1. Final Action of DOCLINE Requests:

  • 91.40% were filled.
  • 3.69% retired as Beyond Routing Map (exhausted library's routing instructions).
  • 2.23% were Not Filled (Cost, Incomplete citation, Copyright, or Canceled).
  • 2.42% were Canceled by the borrower.
  • 0.25% Expired.

2. Delivery Methods of Filled DOCLINE Requests:

Delivery Method by Network by NLM
Ariel 22.70 % 34.94 %
E-mail (PDF) 17.29 % 45.60 %
E-mail (TIFF) 0.72 % 0.96 %
Fax 10.59 % 1.94 %
Mail 47.94 % 8.18 %
Web (PDF) 0.75 % 8.28 %
Web (TIFF) 0.01 % 0.38 %

3. Loansome Doc requests:

  • 60.99% were filled by the LoansomeDoc library.
  • 16.46% were not filled by the LoansomeDoc library and retired.
  • 21.61% were transferred into DOCLINE and are successfully filled.
  • 0.94% were transferred into DOCLINE and cannot be filled.

Serial Holdings Statistics

Since June 2000:

  • 2,873 libraries have updated 636,034 holdings.
  • 2,565 libraries have deleted 183,577 holdings.


  • 3,083 libraries report owning 1,404,651 holdings.
  • There are 53,706 unique serial titles for which holdings are reported.

The numbers illustrate the success of DOCLINE and the reciprocal interlibrary loan arrangements among DOCLINE libraries. Congratulations and thanks to everyone.

Maria Collins
Collection Access Section

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Collins M. Happy Birthday Web DOCLINE! NLM Tech Bull. 2004 Sep-Oct;(340):e7.


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