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Abstracting and Indexing (AI) Tag Added for TOXLINE Journals. 1987 Jul:4

Abstracting and Indexing Tag (AI) of ICR Deleted. 1991 Nov-Dec:3

Abstracting and Indexing Tags (AI) Field

Tag Added. 1990 Feb:55; 1990 Jun:4; 1990 Nov-Dec:26

Tags Deleted. 1990 Feb:55

Acid-free Paper Indicators. 1994 Nov-Dec:19

AGL (AI) Tag Added to Biotechnology Journals Indexed by Nat. Agricultural Library (NAL). 1989 Jun:20

Call Number (CA) Field Has New Value. 1994 Jul-Aug:5

Changes. 1984 Jul:3

Changes for April 1988. 1988 Mar:4

City of Publication (PL). 1990 Jul:6

Date of Entry (DA) Field. 1994 Sep-Oct:15

Dentistry Subset Tag, D (SB). 1989 Feb:58

Electronic Journals. 1994 Sep-Oct:16

Electronic Mail Address (EML) Field. 1994 Sep-Oct:15

Entry Month (EM) Field. 1994 Sep-Oct:15

Former Frequency (FFR) Field. 1993 Mar-Apr:32

Frequency Numbers, New. 1989 Jun:3

German Language Titles, Changes In. 1981 Sep:5

HIS (AI) Tag Added to Core Journals Indexed for HISTLINE. 1989 Jun:20

Indexing Information (II) Field Added for 1,000 Journals. 1989 Feb:58

Journal Title Changes. 1988 Dec:3

JNCO Journal of the National Cancer Institute Reverted to Original title. 1988 Aug:3

Indexing Status (XS) Field. 1993 Mar-Apr:32

Indexing Status (XS) Field, New Value 5. 1993 May-Jun:25

Journal Subset (SB) Values. 1983 Aug:3

Locator Codes, List. 1992 Jan-Feb:Appendix M

Locator Codes Change. 1992 Jan-Feb:63

Major Revision Date (MR) Field. 1994 Sep-Oct:15

Network Access (NAC) Field. 1994 Sep-Oct:15

New Abstract and Indexing Tag. 1992 Sep-Oct:4

New Fields. 1990 Nov-Dec:26

New Number Index (NX) Field in AVLINE. 1992 Nov-Dec:24

New Version, Description. 1984 Mar:6

OLDSX (OSX) Field. 1993 Mar-Apr:32

OSX (OLDSX) Field. 1993 Mar-Apr:32

Reporting Date (PDT) Field. 1994 Nov-Dec:19

Permanent Paper Data. 1990 Feb:55; 1990 Nov-Dec:28

PLV (Permanent Paper Level) Field. 1994 Nov-Dec:19

PNT (Permanent Paper Notice) Field. 1994 Nov-Dec:19

POP Value Eliminated from AI Field. 1993 May-Jun:5

PP (Permanent Paper) Field. 1994 Nov-Dec:19

Preservation Microfilming Records Added. 1988 Mar:10; 1989 Feb:58

PRINT FILM. 1989 Jan:4


Contains First/Last Issue (FL) Field. 1989 feb:58

PRS Data Element. 1981 Sep:4

PYR (Permanent Paper Year) Field. 1994 Nov-Dec:19

Retrospective Serial Record Additions. 1985 Jan:14

Revision Indicator (RI) Field. 1994 Sep-Oct:15

SCI (AI) Tag Removed. 1989 Mar:3

Superintendent of Documents Classification Number (SDC) Field. 1994 Sep-Oct:15

Strategy Correction. 1984 Jun:5

TF (Title Field Text Word) Search Capability. 1993 Mar-Apr:32

Title Abbreviations Changed to ANSI. 1989 Feb:58

Title Abbreviation Changes. 1991 Jul-Aug:11; 1991 Sep-Oct:Appendix D; 1988 May:3

Title Abbreviations. 1985 Dec:9

Title Field Text Word (TF) Search Capability. 1993 Mar-Apr:32

TOX (AI) Tag Deleted. 1989 Jun:20

U2 Data Element. 1980 Feb:3

Uncataloged Serials. 1986 May 5

Update. 1990 Nov-Dec:26; 1988 Mar:55; 1989 Feb:58; 1991 Jan-Feb:48; 1992 Jan-Feb:63; 1993 Mar-Apr:32; 1995 Sep-Oct:6

XS (Indexing Status) Field. 1993 Mar-Apr:32

Year-End Processing. 1991 Sep-Oct:Appendix D

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Beginning with the May-June 1996 issue of the NLM Technical Bulletin, information about indexed journal titles is no longer published in the Technical Bulletin.

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