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HEALTH. 1983 Mar:8

Print Compute. 1991 Mar-Apr:29

Sort Offline. 1991 Mar-Apr:31

TOXLINE. 1983 Mar:3

TRI Files: Part I. 1991 Jan-Feb:32

TRI Files: Part II. 1991 Mar-Apr:26

SORT capability

automatic SDIs planned. 1981 Aug:3

automatic SDIs implemented. 1981 Dec:6

explanatory article. 1981 May:5

journal titles, on. 1981 Jun:10

message on offprints. 1981 Aug:3

SUNY availability. 1981 Jul:3

table of precoded SORT names. 1981 May:11


For online printing. 1990 Jan:4

For online printing. 1990 Feb:15

SORTing and/or COMBining at SS 25. 1990 May:6


Files Other than TRI. 1992 Jan-Feb:28

Formats, Precoded. 1989 Dec:10


>SORTing and COMBining your search results online. 1989 Oct:25

training codes available. 1989 Oct:1

walk-through explanation. 1989 Oct:8

Sorting Retrieval and the Use of Precoded SORT Formats. 1989 Dec:8

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(May 1969 - March-April 1993)
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Beginning with the May-June 1996 issue of the NLM Technical Bulletin, information about indexed journal titles is no longer published in the Technical Bulletin.

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