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National Library of Medicine Technical BulletinNational Library of Medicine Technical Bulletin

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IBM 3270 Terminal. 1983 Dec:5

ICRDB and SSIE termination. 1982 Feb:3

ID Codes - see also User ID Codes

ADDITIONAL, elimination of surcharges. 1979 Aug:6

cancellations. 1983 May:3

user id. vs password. 1983 Dec:4

ID DATA ELEMENT, announced. 1980 Dec:3

ID (Grant Identification) Field

Citations 1990 forward will be expanded. 1992 Nov-Dec:3

Grant Acronym Subelement & Institute Acronym in MEDLINE (1990 Forward). 1992 Sep-Oct:17

ID (Number) field in TOXBIB

contains MEDLINE-assigned molecular sequence data bank numbers. 1989 Feb:4

Identification Number (ID) Field

Acronyms Table. 1993 Nov-Dec:17

Revisions. 1993 Nov-Dec:14

ILL - see Interlibrary Loan

ILO, TOXLINE Subfile. 1984 Nov:10

Imprint Field (IM).

AVLINE. 1984 Mar:3

CATLINE. 1984 Mar:3

Index Medicus

Index of NLM Serial Titles

ceases publication. 1987 Apr:4

Index to Literature Searches. 1979 May:App

Index to Online Services Reference Manual

introductory page reissued. 1981 Jul:App

suggestions requested. 1980 Aug:9

report of study. 1981 Jul:5

Index to Technical Bulletin

Jan 78 - Dec 1979. 1980 Mar:App

Jan 78 - Jun 1980. 1980 Sep:Enc

Jan 78 - Dec 1980. 1981 Mar:App

Jan 78 - Jun 1981. 1981 Sep:App

Jan 1979 - Dec 1981. 1982 Feb:App

Jan 79 - Aug 82. 1982 Oct:App

1987. 1988 Jan:Enc


Availability of tools from NTIS. 1981 Mar:3

Clinical Trials - Current Indexing Practices. 1991 Jan-Feb:88

Discontinuation of Gene Symbol Indexing. 1996 Sep-Oct:1

New Online System at NLM. 1984 Jul:5

New Policy for Letters. 1991 Sep-Oct:15

Policy Regarding Letters, Editorials, and News. 1984 Dec:9

Policy Change for Organisms Causing Infection. 1991 Jan-Feb:87

Technical Memorandum 22. 1980 Dec:Enc

Technical Notes

Indexing Manual, availability. 1982 Aug:3

1983, revised replacement pages available. 1982 Aug:3

Indexing Policy changes - 1988. 1987 Oct:10

Indexing Policy changes - 1991. 1990 Nov-Dec:15; 1989 Feb:31

Antibiotics, Combined. 1989 Feb:33

author affiliations included. 1989 Oct:7

extended Subheadings. 1989 Feb:35

infections caused by Human Immunodeficiency Viruses or Simian Immunodeficiency Viruses. 1989 Feb:31

Main heading as subheading duplications. 1990 Nov-Dec:15

review articles, results of policy change. 1989 Feb:42

Surgery Subheading. 1989 Feb:34

Use of rubrics. 1990 Nov-Dec:15


Access Instructions to ELHILL. 1989 Appendix A

Grateful Med Access to TOXNET Via INFONET. 1991 Mar-Apr:4

New Telecommunications Network. 1989 Mar:8

TOXNET Access discontinued. 1991 Mar-Apr:4

TOXNET access instructions. 1990 Jan:Appendix A; 1989 Dec:Appendix B


Access and use. 1990 Nov-Dec:5

INFORM, Description of File. 1984 Feb:4


Institute Name

New Format for Index Medicus in 1993. 1992 Sep-Oct:3

Possible Values for the Grant Acronym Subelement & Institute Acronym for the ID Field in MEDLINE (1990 Forward). 1992 Sep-Oct:17

Insulin, searching by registry numbers. 1989 Dec:4

Integrated Risk Information System - see IRIS

Interest charged on overdue accounts. 1987 Mar:1

Interlibrary loan requests for AIDS Meeting Abstracts. 1990 Jul:8

Interlibrary Loan

Address change for requests. 1985 Nov:28

AVLINE videocassette program. 1984 Apr:14

Audiovisual Program. 1985 May:18; 1985 Nov:28

charges. 1983 Aug:5

internal routing of photocopies. 1982 Mar:3

NHPIC documents. 1983 Mar:8

non-NLM titles, sources. 1981 Aug:10

notice of suspension of loans, Christmas 82. 1982 Nov:16

request standards. 1981 Aug:5

sample form 162 requests. 1981 Aug:8

sample TWX requests. 1981 Aug:7

TWX usage directions. 1981 Aug:6

Interleukin 2. 1986 Jan:7

International Directory of Bioethics Organizations. 1993 Jul-Aug:3

International MEDLARS Centers. 1996 Jul-Aug:19C

International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) see ISSN


Addresses. Back Cover, every issue; 1995 Jan-Feb:4

Address for Technical Services Questions. 1995 Jan-Feb:25

e-mail Access. 1993 May-Jun:4

Establishing a Connection. 1994 Mar-Apr:12

NLM Addresses. 1993 Jul-Aug:backpage

NLM e-mail File Server. 1994 Nov-Dec:22

NLM Locator Available. 1993 Sept-Oct:3

Internet Grateful Med

Internet - MEDLARS Internet Access. 1992 Jul-Aug:3

INTROMED, File Announced. 1984 Apr:7

discontinued. 1988 Nov:5

discontinued Dec 1988. 1989 Feb:46

INTROTOX, description. 1985 Jul:12

discontinued. 1988 Apr:4


August 84 Costs. 1984 Sep:3

March credit. 1985 May:4

TOXNET databases. 1985 Sep:3


TELENET, availability of additional phone numbers. 1979 Apr:4

IODINE ISOTOPES, DIAGNOSTIC, special searching procedures. 1980 Feb:4


IPA Subfile

TOXLINE and TOXLINE65, inclusion. 1989 Feb:4

transfer from TOXLIT and TOXLIT65. 1989 Feb:57

IRIS (Integrated Risk Information System)

CROSSFILE searching/printing. 1990 Jun:19

Fact sheet available. 1990 Mar:Enclosure

File structure description and searching tips. 1990 Mar:1


Overview of expected TOXNET database. 1990 Jan:15

Unit record. 1990 Mar:8

will be added to TOXNET. 1988 Jul:10

Workshop. 1993 Jan-Feb:6

IS Field see ISSN



Item Type (IT) in CATLINE. 1986 Jul:9

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