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JC (Journal Title Code). 1985 Oct:6

Changes for 1991. 1991 Sep-Oct:Appendix D

Year-End Processing

JNCI Title Change. 1988 Aug:3

Journal of Emergency Nursing Title Change. 1990 Jul:7

Journal restrictions when using GRATEFUL MED-IBM Version 4.0. 1989 May:17

Journal Subset (SB) field - N (Nursing). 1987 Oct:9

Journal Title Abbreviations (TA)

changing with year-end processing. 1988 Aug:26

Journal Title Abbreviations for GRATEFUL MED-IBM Version 4.0. 1989 May:17

Journal Title Changes. 1988 Dec:3

Journal Title changes for Brain Research. 1989 May:3


CANCEREXPRESS subset. 1983 Aug:3

CANCERLIT subset. 1983 Aug:3

Errors in inclusion. 1983 Apr:5

HEALTH subset. 1983 Aug:3

MEDLINE subset. 1983 Aug:3

SERLINE subset. 1983 Aug:3

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