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National Library of Medicine Technical BulletinNational Library of Medicine Technical Bulletin

Online Services Reference Manual (OSRM)

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82 supplement. 1984 Jun:4

Available. 1979 Dec:3; 1982 Aug:3; 1986 Aug:5; 1988 Mar:4

Available in PDF. 1996 May-Jun:3

Available on Internet. 1993 May-Jun:7

Bioethics chapter, revised. 1982 Nov:Enc<

CHEMLINE chapter revision. 1979 Jun:App

description. 1980 Jan:4

index study, report of. 1981 Jul:5

index, suggestions requested. 1980 Aug:9

missing pages. 1987 Jan:6; 1987 Sep:enclosure

no longer available free. 1982 Jul:5>

PDQ - Chapter 25 - addition. 1982 Sep:Enc

Price Increase. 1992 Jul-Aug:3

replacement pages. 1982 Sep:Enc; 1982 Dec:Enc; 1985 Sep:4

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