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Racal-Vadic 3400 series modems. 1986 Jul:4

Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial (PT) added. 1996 Sep-Oct:1


Ranging Operators in TRI. 1989 Aug:4

RATS & MICE, searching B2 category. 1981 Nov:7

Recent Reviews Diagnosis and Therapy, 1989

Available from NCI. 1990 Sep-Oct:6

Reference Bibliography Series

AIDS Bibliography. 1991 Jan-Feb:97

Current Bibliography in Medicine. 1991 Jan-Feb:97

Reference to a Database. 1986 Mar:11

AVLINE. 1984 Feb:6; 1985 Mar:10; 1985 Apr:3


CATLINE. 1984 Feb:6; 1985 Mar:10; 1985 Apr:3

CHEMLINE. 1984 Sep:4; 1985 Apr:11; 1985 May:4

NAF. 1984 Feb:10; 1984 Apr:4; 1985 Mar:12; 1985 Apr:3

TDB. 1984 Sep:4; 1985 Feb:6

TOXLINE. 1984 Aug:5

Regional Medical Library (RML). 1983 Jan:9

reconfiguration announced; map. 1983 Jan:9

Registry Number (RN)

1991 MeSH Changes Not Updated in the Name of Substance (NM) Portion of the MEDLINE RN Field. 1991 Jan-Feb: Appendix H

Cancer databases. 1985 Jan:12

MEDLINE changes. 1984 Jan:5

search hint. 1983 Jul:13

Insulin. 1989 Dec:4

Prostablandins X. 1989 Dec:4

REGISTRY NUMBER (RN) added to MEDLINE and HEALTH. 1980 Jul:4

RENAME Command. 1986 Mar:12

Request for Master Account. 1991 Jan-Feb:Appendix F

Request for Master Account form. 1990 Feb:120; 1993 Jan-Feb:Appendix F; 1994 Jan-Feb:Appendix B

Request for NLM Online Training. 1991 Jan-Feb:Appendix C; 1991 Jul-Aug:Appendix B; 1994 Jul-Aug:Appendix F

Request for NLM Online Training & 1990 Schedule. 1990 Feb:116

Request for Online Training Codes. 1991 Jan-Feb:Appendix D

Request for Online Training Codes form. 1990 Feb:118; 1993 Jan-Feb:Appendix C

Request for Training Form. 1993 Jan-Feb:Appendix B

Resource-Based Relative Value Scales

searching for this new concept. 1989 May:20

RESTACK. 1983 Nov:5

Restart. 1985 Feb:3

Retirement of Yvonne B. Scott. 1986 Dec:5

Retraction of Publication. 1986 Dec:19

new MeSH Heading. 1989 Feb:27

RETROSPECTIVE shelflist records, added to CATLINE. 1981 Jun:6


command update. 1989 Feb:11

example. 1989 Feb:19

Review Articles, Policy Change. 1987 Oct:10

Review Articles, update. 1988 Mar:14,31

Review (MH)

results from Indexing Policy Change. 1989 Feb:42

Revised Treatment of Analyzable Serials at NLM. 1988 May:14

RING INFORMATION, CHEMLINE regeneration. 1982 Feb:3

Ring Structure.

CHEMLINE addition. 1985 May:12

manual available. 1985 May:14

RN (CAS Registry Number) Response Message in TOXNET. 1992 Sep-Oct:4

RN (Registry Number)

1991 MeSH Changes Not Updated in the Name of Substance (NM) Portion of the MEDLINE RN Field. 1991 Jan-Feb:Appendix H

Rolodex Card available from RMLs. 1994 May-Jun:4

RPROJ SUBFILE. 1985 Feb:5; 1985 Feb:9

8412 (EM) update to include CRISP. 1984 Dec:6

added to TOXLINE. 1979 Apr:5

changes. 1982 Apr:9

file description. 1979 Apr:6

removed temporarily. 1984 Oct:3

updates discontinued. 1982 Feb:7

coverage. 1982 Apr:9

RR (Related Registry Number) field in CHEMLINE improved due to regeneration. 1989 May:17

RTECS (Registry of Toxic Effects of Chemical Substances)

1977 edition, quarterly update. 1979 Jan:3

1977 edition, quarterly update. 1979 Apr:9

1978 edition available. 1979 May:5

1979 edition, quarterly update. 1980 Oct:3

1979 edition, quarterly update. 1980 Dec:6

1978 edition, two quarterly updates. 1979 Sep:5

1983 hardcopy supplement available. 1985 Apr:6

available on TOXNET October 1, 1987. 1987 Aug:1

change in value. 1980 Aug:4

changed to classification code (CC). 1980 Aug:4

classification code (CC). 1982 Feb:8

classification code changes. 1983 Jul:19

"connected to" message expanded. 1981 Mar:4

CROSSFILE searching/printing. 1990 Jun:19

data removed from HSDB. 1988 Dec:5

determining record update. 1979 Sep:5

discontinued on ELHILL. 1988 Mar:3

entry month(EM). 1979 May:5

fact sheet. 1981 Oct:Enc

hard copy 1983-84 Cumulative Suppplement. 1986 Aug:5

index strings, addition of value. 1979 Jan:4

move to the TOXNET system expected December 1987. 1987 Nov:4

moving to the TOXNET system. 1987 Jul:3

mutation data in. 1980 May:4

mutation data, add'l toxic effects terms. 1981 Oct:7

new toxic effects terms. 1981 Mar:4

now on TOXNET, update. 1988 Mar:52

Registry Numbers (RN) added. 1986 Sep:4

reproductive effects toxicity data. 1981 Jun:5; 1981 Aug:12

sample searches. 1979 Apr:9

searching on TOXNET. 1987 Dec:1

SREG field contains OSHA permissible exposure levels - OSHAPEL. 1989 Jul:4

status field (ST), additions. 1981 Apr:6

status field (ST), change in value. 1980 Oct:3

SUNY, availability. 1980 Feb:3

toxic effects data, additional included. 1981 Oct:3

Toxicity Data Index Strings field, new terms. 1982 Dec:5

update. 1989 Feb:60

User Guide revised and available. 1986 Jan:3


Alert for Serious Dosage Errors. 1993 Sept-Oct:3

Corrected and Republished Article. 1993 Nov-Dec:4

Rubrics - indexing policy changes. 1990 Nov-Dec:15

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