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National Library of Medicine Technical BulletinNational Library of Medicine Technical Bulletin

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Satellite Broadcasts Announcement. 1992 Jul-Aug:12

Saturday Hours

NLM, Delayed. 1981 Jun:3

NLM, Not Guaranteed. 1982 May:3

SAVE and SAVESEARCH. 1983 Nov:5

Aliases. 1980 Dec:4

Brief Description. 1980 Feb:6

CANCERLIT. 1985 Jun:3

Completion Message Changed. 1985 Jan:3

Difference Between SAVESEARCH & STORESEARCH. 1988 Mar:14

EXPLAINed Online. 1980 Oct:4

Exploding Trees - Multi-meaning message. 1983 Feb:4

Explosions vs. Subheadings. 1982 Jul:4

Hints for Use. 1980 Mar:4; 1982 Mar:13

Naming Hint. 1981 Sep:9

Revise Strategies with New MeSH. 1988 Oct:5; 1990 Sep-Oct:9; 1991 Sep-Oct:4; 1996 Sep-Oct:6

Rules for Use. 1982 Dec:4

SAVE/STORESEARCH Problems Due to ELHILL Software Program Correction. 1988 Jan:6

Strategy Including a STRINGSEARCH. 1986 Feb:4

System Restart Message. 1985 Feb:3

Toxicology Files, Use Update. 1988 Mar:56

Truncation Used in Savesearch. 1983 Feb:4

Update. 1987 Jun:14

Using Online. 1980 Jul:13

Save Strategy in Grateful Med - IBM Version 4.0 to be used in another database. 1989 Mar:10


Scientific Information Services Publication Available from NCI. 1992 Jul-Aug:5

Scientific Misconduct. 1994 Jul-Aug:4

NLM Database Users' Educational Needs profile. 1979 Apr:App

Report. 1979 Nov:5

Report. 1982 Jan:4

Scripts for Accessing MEDLARS with Microcomputers. 1991 May-Jun:7


1990 updates. 1990 Jan:13

1991 MeSH use. 1990 Sep-Oct:10

1991 Monthly Update. 1991 Jan-Feb:37; 1991 Jan-Feb:Appendix B

Addition of UI/SI to Automatic SDI Print Format. 1991 May-Jun:4

automatics, processed early. 1981 Sep:3; 1982 Feb:3

Billing for automatic SDIs. 1990 Sep-Oct:11; 1991 Sep-Oct:6

MeSH vocabulary. 1985 Oct:7

Printout reminder. 1990 Jul:5

SDIs delayed. 1985 Oct:7; 1990 Nov-Dec:5

searches using Grateful Med. 1988 May:9

update schedule. 1979 Nov:App; 1980 Oct:3; 1980 Oct:App; 1981 Oct:App; 1992 Jan-Feb:Appendix B; 1993 Jul-Aug:4; 1995 Sep-Oct:41B; 1996 Sep-Oct:21D

year end processing. 1982 Oct:4; 1990 Sep-Oct:9

zip codes for U.S. 1985 Apr:3

SDI Service, see Automatic SDI

Search Hint


Searching New Concepts Online

Searching BIOETHICSLINE: A Basic Manual for the Novice Searcher. 1987 Mar:5

Searching Note

INFORM. 1990 Nov-Dec:5

MeSH Headings That End With The Character String of: A Space Followed By 2 Characters. 1990 Jul:9

Secondary Source Identifier (SI) Field

Additional GenBank Values Added. 1990 Jan:4

Additional GenBank Values Added. 1990 Mar:4

Values for Human Gene Mapping Library (HGML) Introduced. 1990 Jan:4

Values for Human Gene Mapping Library (HGML) Introduced. 1990 Mar:4

Secondary Source Identifier (SI)

Addition of UI/SI to Automatic SDI Print Format for CANCERLIT, HEALTH, AND SDILINE. 1991 May-Jun:4

MEDLINE - Adding to Unit Record. 1991 Jan-Feb:89

Secondary Source Identifier (SI) Field

CANCERLIT Unique Identifier (UI) changes. 1992 Nov-Dec:4

Molecular Sequence Databanks. 1993 Sept-Oct:13

Molecular Sequence Databanks. 1993 Sept-Oct:Appendix J

Section 313 of Emergency Planning and Comm. Right-to-Know Act, Title III of the Superfun Amm. Reauthorization Act of 1986, see TRI

See References in Annotated MeSH. 1993 Jan-Feb:11

SELECT. 1987 Nov:1,7

Self-Help Clearinghouses Subfile Added to DIRLINE. 1988 Dec:7

Seminar for Grateful Med Trainers. 1989 Jul:8

Report On Seminar. 1989 Nov:10

SenSearching on Former STOPWORDs. 1993 May-Jun:21


Auto SDI Program. 1981 Aug:11

Limiting Search to Journals Collected. 1982 May:6

Pre-explosions. 1981 Jul:17

Serials, New Shelflisting Procudures for W1 Serials. 1995 May-Jun:21

Serials Retention Policy. 1994 May-Jun:21

Serials Update

Indexed Titles Updated


Service Desk

After Hours Answering Machine Operational. 1985 Jul:3

Hours Change. 1994 Jan:Feb:3

Calls Analysis. 1995 May-Jun:11

Hours Extended. 1986 Sep:3

Holiday Schedule. 1994 Sep-Oct:Appendix F

SET Commands. see ELHILL $Commands.


$SET TRANS (for Diacritical Marks). 1993 Nov-Dec:12

Setup in Grateful Med - IBM Version 4.0. Prevent Access To. 1989 Mar:10

Shelving Location (SL)

Year-End Processing. 1991 Nov-Dec:24

Shelving Location (SL) in CATLINE. 1986 Jul:9

Shelving Procedures, New for W1 Serials. 1995 May-Jun:21

Short Forms of Medical Subject Headings. 1989 Feb:25


Aliases. 1983 Dec:3

Command. 1983 Jul:7

Explain. 1983 Oct:3

TOXNET. 1985 Aug:13

SI (Secondary Source ID) field

Additional GenBank Values added. 1990 Jan:4; 1990 Mar:4

Additional Values In MEDLINE In Support Of NLM's Biotechnology Effort. 1989 Oct:4

Values For Human Gene Mapping Library (HGML) Added. 1990 Jan:4

Values for Human Gene Mapping Library (HGML) Added. 1990 Mar:4

SI (Secondary Source Identifier)

Addition of UI/SI to Automatic SDI Print Format for CANCERLIT, HEALTH, AND SDILINE. 1991 May-Jun:4

MEDLINE - Adding to Unit Record. 1991 Jan-Feb:89

Sign Interpretation in RD Field. 1993 Sept-Oct:38

Sinusitis. 1990 Mar:5

SITE (Trial Locations) Field

AIDSTRIALS - New Field. 1990 Nov-Dec:19

SL (Shelving Location)

New Values For AVLINE. 1989 May:4

Year-End Processing. 1991 Nov-Dec:24

Smartcom Scripts. 1991 May-Jun:7

SMARTCOM Version 2; Removing the Glitch When Downloading to Disk. 1988 Aug:29

Smithsonian Science Information Exchange

Termination Delays CANCERPROJ Update. 1982 Feb:3


More Allowable Subheadings, Update. 1988 Mar:37

Twenty Subheadings Extended For Use With. 1987 Oct:11

Grateful Med Available. 1986 Mar:1


SOURCE (SO) Changes, 1980 Online Citation Format. 1979 Oct:5

SOURCE (SO) Changes, 1980 Online Citation Format, Addendum. 1979 Dec:4

Source Field (SO), HEALTH Changes. 1983 May:4

SPACELINE. 1994 Sep-Oct:1

Available. 1995 Sep-Oct:28

Limiting Retrieval to Articles With Abstracts. 1996 May-Jun:2

Database Description. 1995 Sep-Oct:28

Search Strategy. 1995 Sep-Oct:28

SPEC in MeSH Annotations. 1991 Jan-Feb:85

Special Code Programs

Basics of Searching MEDLINE Training Codes. 1992 Jan-Feb:69

Demonstration Codes. 1992 Jan-Feb:68

Grateful Med Training Codes. 1992 Jan-Feb:69

Training Codes. 1992 Jan-Feb:69

Special Issue of the NLM Technical Bulletin

Replaces The "NLM Online Services Updates". 1989 Feb

Replaces The Regular February Issue Rather Than Being A Supplement. 1990 Feb:1

Replaces Regular January - February Issue. 1991 Jan-Feb:1

Special Lists

H (LI). 1980 Jul:5

P (LI). 1980 Jul:5


Command Update. 1989 Feb:11

Example. 1989 Feb:11

Sort Retrieval Online. 1989 Oct:9

SPRINT Command

Using SPRINT SORT, SPRINT COMB, SPRINT SORT COMB, or SPRINT PROMPT After Using 25 Search Statements. 1990 May:6


Telenet Name Change. 1991 Jul-Aug:3

TOXNET Access News. 1991 May-Jun:3

SS (1) PSTG (50), Message. 1989 Jul:5


SSNOS/OVERIDES? Prompt Changed. 1980 Jul:4

STANDARDIZATION, Complete List Of Changes. 1979 Sep:App

STANDARDIZATION, Complete List Of Changes, Corrections. 1979 Nov:3

STANDARDIZATION Of Category Qualifiers And Data Elements. 1979 Sep:4

Standard Therapy Protocols in PDQ. 1988 Jan:4

Standing Committee on Online Retrieval Education (SCORE).

Discontinued. 1985 Apr:18

State Abbreviations. 1983 Jul:12

States Field (STS), PDQ/DIRECTORY. 1983 Sep:3

Stomatognathic Diseases (PX)

Replaces Mouth and Tooth Diseases (PX). 1989 Feb:29

STOP Y, Command to Disconnect. 1979 May:3; 1986 Mar:3

STOPWORDS. 1993 Jan-Feb:1

1993 ELHILL STOPWORDS. 1992 Sep-Oct:15

ELHILL STOPWORDS Removed for 1993. 1992 Sep-Oct:17

STOPWORD LIST, Author Deleted. 1980 Jul:4

STOPWORDs Now Searchable as Text Words. 1993 May-Jun:19


Notification Removed from HELLO Message. 1981 Jan:4

Offprints Use of. 1981 Feb:3

Override With MAIL-PROMPT. 1988 Feb:10

Stored Searches

Year-End Processing. 1990 Sep-Oct:9

Storesearches. 1991 Sep-Oct:4

Executable Online. 1987 Nov:3; 1987 Nov:Appendix A

MEDLINE and HEALTH Reviewed for 1988 MeSH. 1987 Oct:4


CANCERLIT. 1985 Jun:3

Chemicals in Singular Form. 1982 Jul:8

Errata, Chemicals in Singular form. 1982 Aug:4

Elimination of Monthly Charges. 1979 Aug:6

Enter Against Same or Similar File. 1981 Apr:4

Explosions. 1982 Jul:4

Naming Hint. 1981 Sep:9

Revise for 1989 MeSH. 1988 Oct:5

Update. 1988 Mar:15

Storing Journal Codes (JC). 1986 Nov:12

STORPSTG OVFLW Message. 1989 Jul:6

STRINGSEARCH Update. 1987 Jun:14


Efficient. 1980 Mar:7

in CHEMLINE. 1979 Dec:9

PDQ. 1983 Jul:15

SAVESEARCH, within. 1986 Feb:4

Titles. 1983 May:4

Structured Abstracts. 1988 Nov:10

STS (State Abbreviation, City, Zip Code)

STS Field Changed in AIDSTRIALS. 1992 Jul-Aug:3

Student Code Program. 1987 Sep:5

Update. 1988 Mar:6; 1989 Feb:47


Subheading Pre-explosions

List of Subheading Pre-explosions. 1992 Jan-Feb:Appendix G

List Reprinted. 1992 Sep-Oct:5

Subject Heading Policy Changes for Catologers. 1987 Nov:9

SUBS ADD. 1981 Jul:3

Subsets Pricing. 1991 May-Jun:Appendix C

Suction Lipolysis

Vs Lipolysis; Under Metabolism. 1986 May:14

Suggestions for Medical Subject Headings Form. 1993 Jan-Feb:Appendix G; 1994 Jan-Feb:Appendic C; 1995 Jan-Feb:6; 1995 Jan-Feb:Appendix D


CATLINE Available. 1981 Jan:4

Correction Characters. 1981 Aug:4

Database Availability Changes. 1981 May:4

Discontinued Service to MEDLARS Users. 1982 Oct:6

Discontinued Service to MEDLARS Users, Reminder. 1982 Oct:6

Foreign Titles on Offprints. 1982 Mar:3

SORT Available. 1981 Jul:3

STORED, SAVEd Searches, SUNY-NLM Transfer. 1982 Oct:6

TYMNET 1200 Baud Access. 1981 Jan:4


Announcement of Policy. 1980 Apr:4

NLM Access for Some Databases. 1980 Jul:6

NLM Access for 30+ Minutes Downs. 1981 Oct:6

Superintendent of Documents Publications and Subscriptions Order Form. 1994 Jan-Feb:Appendix E; 1994 Nov-Dec:Appendix A; 1995 Jan-Feb:6; 1995 Jan-Feb:AppendixB

SUPERLIST. 1993 Jan-Feb:19

SUPERLIST Capability

ChemID Available. 1990 Jul:25

SUPERLIST - CHEMID. 1991 Jan-Feb:53

Supplementary Chemical Records Available. 1995 Mar-Apr:4

Surgery Subheading

Indexing Policy Change. 1989 Feb:34

Survey of Individual Users of MEDLINE

Available Form NTIS. 1989 Jan:1

Key Points. 1989 Feb:48

System Message Changes. 1987 Dec:4

System Messages.

Completion of SAVESEARCH Changed. 1985 Jan:3

Restart. 1985 Feb:3

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