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NLM Reading Rooms Conduct Policies

The National Library of Medicine (NLM) is a research library. We ask all Reading Room visitors to:

  • Display your NIH visitor pass at all times.
  • Handle NLM materials carefully. 
  • Scan all library materials gently and only use NLM-provided equipment.
  • Do not use sticky notes on library materials.
  • Use AV equipment to view NLM materials only.
  • Leave doorways, aisles, and spaces between tables or carrels free.
  • Request permission before taking photos and follow the NLM Reading Room Policy on Photography Requests.
  • Use furniture or equipment appropriately.

Please be considerate of your fellow visitors:

  • Eat and drink outside of the Reading Room.
  • Watch your children at all times.
  • Use your cell phones outside the Reading Room.
  • Use your electronic devices at volumes that can't be heard by others.