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NLM's Role in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA)

NIH received $10 billion from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), of which nearly $82 million was assigned to NLM. Almost 90% of that was spent on research grants and research training administered through Extramural Programs. All ARRA funds were committed by NIH by September 30, 2010. Over the two-year period, the NIH Office of the Director provided an additional $17 million of ARRA funds for NLM-administered grants. Some previously reviewed ARRA grants that were not funded in 2009 received funding in 2010. The bulk of FY2010 funding went to ARRA Challenge grants.

NLM Research and Development Funding Supported Through ARRA

2009: 122 Awards for $36,920,640
2010: 96 Awards for $33,506,285
2010: 33 Research and Development Contracts for $11,986,083
Total: 251 Awards and Contracts for $82,413,008

NLM ARRA Contracts

View the listing and description of the NLM ARRA Contracts awarded in 2010.

NLM Recovery Act Stories

Research Projects

ARRA Investments in Human Health Impacts of Climate Change
ARRA Investments in Enhanced Electronic Health Records
Better Computing, Communication for Emergency Personnel at Disaster Sites
NIH Stimulus Awards to Hopkins Children's Researchers
Integrating Genetic Data With Public Databases
Stimulus Funds Spur Vanderbilt Medical Center Research Efforts

Researcher Profiles

Moriyama's Focus on Developing Bioinformatics Tools Earns Stimulus Grant
'Programming' Sherlock Holmes Not so Elementary
'Smurf' Gene Aside, Most Gene Names Are a Mess, Lui Says

Science Training

Informatics, Please: Rice-Based Training Program Wins $1 Million in Stimulus Funds
Stimulating Science Education: NIH Summer Research Program Engages Students and Teachers in Science

Learn More About Recovery Act Projects

NIH Reporter
The NLM is committed to transparency and accountability for all Recovery Act funds. Information about ARRA projects and their impact on the economy is available to the public. Click on the NIH Reporter icon to find NLM funded Recovery Act projects in the NIH Reporter database. You can use a variety of search criteria. To view all NLM funded ARRA projects simply select "NLM" in the Institute/Center field above the map.

Last Reviewed: October 10, 2012