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Unified Medical Language System® (UMLS®)

Content Views - 2020AA Release

For additional Content View documentation, see the Content Views section in the UMLS Reference Manual.

C1700357 MetaMap NLP View 256 This content view is built from mrconso.filtered.strict (a subset of RRF MRCONSO) and converted into an AUI list based on 2019AB. This view is not algorithmically generated during Metathesaurus construction.

Additional Information:
C2711988 CORE Problem List Subset of SNOMED CT 2048 This Content View contains the subset of SNOMED CT concepts that are most frequently used in problem lists. The subset is derived from datasets from large health care institutions. The most commonly used problem list terms are mapped to SNOMED CT and other UMLS sources. The use of SNOMED CT contents in this subset is subject to the SNOMED CT license requirements. The use of SNOMED CT is free in IHTSDO member countries (including the U.S.) and low income countries.

Additional Information:
C3503753 RxNorm Current Prescribable Content Subset 4096 This content view contains the subset of RXNORM concepts that are prescribable.
C3812142 SNOMEDCT US Extension Subset 8192 This content view allows users to easily identify atoms in the UMLS that come from the US Extension to SNOMED CT and carry the NLM Module ID of '731000124108'.
C4048847 LOINC Universal Lab Orders Value Set 16384 The Universal Lab Order Codes Value Set from LOINC is a collection of the most frequent lab orders. It was created for use by developers of provider order entry systems that would deliver them in HL7 messages to laboratories where they could be understood and fulfilled. The content view is defined as any atom belonging to sab = 'LNC' with the attribute of UNIVERSAL_LAB_ORDERS_VALUE_SET = TRUE.
C4050460 LOINC Panels and Forms 32768 This content view contains LOINC identifiers that are used to identify panels and forms. Any AUI sab = 'LNC' and tty='LN' with the attribute of 'PANEL_TYPE' belongs to this content view.

Last Reviewed: May 4, 2020