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2008AB ICD-9-CM Source Information

Term Type Description Count (MRCONSO.RRF)
AB Abbreviation in any source vocabulary 17849
PT Designated preferred name 17849
HT Hierarchical term 3820

  • Every atom has a separate row in MRCONSO.RRF.
  • Sample data below are examples of strings (atoms) associated with each source Term Type.
  • Samples below are taken from MRCONSO.RRF, although not every field is shown.
  • Every atom is assigned a Metathesaurus Term Type based on source documentation or analysis.
  • Term Type abbreviations and full names are listed under 'TTY' in Appendix B3.
  • Term Types also appear in MRRANK.RRF.
  • See Section in UMLS Documentation, Section 2, Metathesaurus for more information on MRCONSO.RRF, including examples of full rows displaying all data columns.

AB  (return to top)
cui aui lui sui sdui code str
C1456246 A12974974 L0004663 S5828093 041.82 041.82 BACTEROIDES FRAGILIS
C0152995 A12970386 L6711515 S7816885 045.11 045.11 PARAL POLIO NEC-TYPE 1
C0011311 A12965992 L0011311 S0365604 061 061 DENGUE
C0155508 A12968245 L0179946 S7810331 078.81 078.81 EPIDEMIC VERTIGO
C0176197 A12977287 L6702859 S7810507 10.31 10.31 EXCISE CONJUNCTIV LESION
C0019657 A12966060 L0019656 S0006760 115.99 115.99 HISTOPLASMOSIS NEC
C0197511 A12970478 L6713522 S7820440 12.91 12.91 THERAPEUT EVAC ANT CHAMB
C0176254 A12970489 L6712755 S7813133 13.71 13.71 INSERT LENS AT CATAR EXT
C0153328 A12968319 L6711091 S7812826 136.8 136.8 INFECT/PARASITE DIS NEC
PT  (return to top)
cui aui lui sui sdui code str
C1456028 A8378688 L5188801 S5926241 00.33 00.33 Computer assisted surgery with fluoroscopy
C0374972 A8363594 L0570732 S0749837 016.60 016.60 Tuberculous oophoritis and salpingitis, unspecified examination
C0152933 A8342739 L0179766 S0244281 018.95 018.95 Unspecified miliary tuberculosis, tubercle bacilli not found by bacteriological examination, but tuberculosis confirmed histologically
C0196526 A8351774 L0238070 S0313409 03.96 03.96 Percutaneous denervation of facet
C0276148 A8340749 L0041861 S0217637 049.9 049.9 Unspecified non-arthropod-borne viral diseases of central nervous system
C0395450 A8363107 L0239842 S0732943 12.87 12.87 Scleral reinforcement with graft
C0153720 A8343481 L0180553 S0245076 200.81 200.81 Other named variants of lymphosarcoma and reticulosarcoma involving lymph nodes of head, face, and neck
C0154054 A8343813 L0180887 S0245414 229.0 229.0 Benign neoplasm of lymph nodes
C0001360 A8340905 L0001360 S0217809 245.0 245.0 Acute thyroiditis
HT  (return to top)
cui aui lui sui sdui code str
C0041332 A8342632 L0179640 S0244155 016.3 016.3 Tuberculosis of other urinary organs
C0161850 A8361848 L0188746 S0704527 02 02 Other operations on skull, brain, and cerebral meninges
C0405540 A8363263 L0234382 S0740184 06.5 06.5 Substernal thyroidectomy
C0020632 A8340380 L0020632 S0050660 07.6 07.6 Hypophysectomy
C0029817 A8340803 L0029817 S0217699 094.8 094.8 Other specified neurosyphilis
C0153245 A8343035 L0180078 S0244600 104 104 Other spirochetal infection
C0198011 A8361122 L0188763 S0701210 18 18 Operations on external ear
C0686619 A8343426 L0180500 S0245023 196 196 Secondary and unspecified malignant neoplasm of lymph nodes
C0024302 A8339760 L0035294 S0002125 200.0 200.0 Reticulosarcoma

Last Reviewed: February 9, 2011